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(An I.T. Tour report is at the bottom of this page)

Who are carrying their Regional banners highest so far?

Arkansas ~ Mark Jeffery stands second in ITA with a pair of runner-up finishes in his last two races.

Des Moines Valley ~ Duane Rost appears to have GP put away with a maximum (until the Bonus Race) of 72 points and nine wins.

Kansas ~ Patrick Donnelly has maxed his score in Club Ford and is now taking on F/Continental. In EP, Ronald Davis and Dale Smith are 1-2, both on the Driver of the Year list with 72 and 66 points respectively.

Kansas City ~ Three recent wins have vaulted Ron Lentz past Frank Stone atop the SRF standings. Monica Rollins has a three-point lead in ITS. The best FF class in years has Fernando Licopoli four points ahead of a trio of challengers. Larry Graham is tied for the FP lead. With only one finish, one win, Harlan Moore leads SP and Willard King shares the lead in F/Atlantic.

Mid-South ~ Larry Orr and Nick Chinopulos are duking it out in ITS with a pair of Fiat 124 Spiders. A DNF for Chinopulos at Hallett let Orr move 5 points ahead.

Mississippi ~ Skip Brunson, second in ITS, has a strong challenge just three points behind the leader.

Nebraska ~ John Waldbaum and Jeff Demetri are 1-2 in ITA, Waldbaum nine points ahead. Jan Gerber tops the SSC standings with three wins. Denny Hayes has won two to lead GT5.

NeOkla ~ Dan Guterman's silver Panoz has won five times to lead GT1. Mike Stevens has his Hallett-based World Sports Racer atop the CSR chart. Neil Cox has won three in FV.

Oklahoma ~ Lynn Lamb broke through with a win at Hallett to take over the ITA lead.

Ozark Mountain ~ This looks like Dick Faxon's year in Spec Miata as he has a 20 point lead over the Mid-Am's largest class. Shane Bennoch is going for another F/Continental title. Rick Carr won his third at Hallett to lead GT2.

St. Louis ~ 24-point scores are enough to keep Ed Smith in the S2000 lead, Tim McGinley atop HP, and Bob Eichelberger in a tie for the FP lead. Phil Gumpert is tied atop F/Atlantic with one win.

Salina ~ Rocky Entriken is 3rd in GP with one win.

Southern Illinois ~ Chris Albin leads ITB and the Driver of the Year chart with a dozen victories.

Wichita ~ David Guinn has just a one-point lead in American Sedan

On the I.T. Tour

With just two races left, only Chris Albin (SIll), who has won every race in ITB. has it locked up. Lawrence Orr (MidS) has a 12-point edge over Nick Chinopulos (MidS) in ITC, but even that is not an unsurmountable margin.

Dick Faxon (OzMt) and David Harber (MidS) are tied in SM. Two points separate Paul Brown (KC) and Mark Jeffery (Ark) in ITA. There is a four point margin in two classes -- Jim Bishop (Miss) over J.J. Perodeau (Okla) in ITS and John Waldbaum (Neb) over Bud Brazelton (MidS) in ITE.

--Rocky Entriken


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