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The director's chair is a section of the site dedicated for our Area Director to communicate with the members of the SCCA.

Our current Area 6 Director is Peter Zekert. His contact information can be found here.


Message from Peter 02/07/16:

MiDiv Area 6 Director WANTED for 2017-2020. Elections in October 2016.

Elections for Area 6 (Midwest Division) will be held in October of 2016. I would like all members to consider running for the national Board of SCCA. Get the word out! START PLANNING YOUR CAMPAIGN NOW! [I will NOT be running for reelection, and I want MiDiv to have choices.]

Experience: Do you have experience running a business or a not-for-profit? Do you have previous Board experience in another organization? Are you an accountant, auditor or financial expert? Do you have managerial experience? Do you have experience in contract negotiations or legal areas? Do you work well in a group?

[I do not want to scare anyone off. No one has all of the skills listed above and very few people have even the majority of these skills. But, this will give you a chance to consider your skills and what you could bring to the Board of SCCA.]

"Past SCCA Boards are not necessarily future SCCA Boards." I have heard stories over the years of past SCCA Boards. I now have a few stories to add to that heap. But, in a ray of hope, the 2016 SCCA Board is currently going through a self evaluation process, trying to act more like a board. The goal is to look at 5-year visions and mission plans rather than approving/debating the type of widgets legal on an A-Mod Solo car! In my opinion, this is an important first step to becoming a professional Board.

So, add to the experience list above, "Do you have experience building and developing strategic plans?" Do you "get" that a functioning board needs to be developing the vision of an organization, while the various committees and Topeka staff are taking care of day to day operations?

Nuts and Bolts: If you would like to run for Area 6 Director, please feel free to contact me. Use me as a resource. I will fill you in personally on the details of the job and discuss what you might bring to the table. [Hopefully in 3-6 years you will do the same for the Division. Directors are term limited to 6 consecutive years in two 3-year terms.]

Peter Zekert, Area 6 SCCA Director
PeterZekert [at]

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