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(An I.T. Tour report is at the bottom of this page)

his was supposed to be the halfway mark of the 2003 Mid-Am Championship, but the Ark Valley Race Group has added a double-regional at Hallett in August (what used to be the traditional Lake Afton Grand Prix weekend) and so we are now 10 races into a 22-race season.

Every one of the 14 MiDiv Regions has drivers signed up this year from 36 in Kansas City Region and 25 from St. Louis, down to two representatives from Mississippi and one from Salina -- the two smallest Regions from the two farthest reaches of the Division.

Des Moines Valley, Nebraska and Ozark Mountain each have a dozen drivers on the list. Mid-South, which will be host for the Bonus Race in November, has 11. Ten represent NeOkla Region. Oklahoma and Wichita each have seven and Southern Illinois has three. Total 146 so far, but with 12 races to go the registration is still open and not a single class can yet be said to be wrapped up.


SP ~ Harlan Moore (KC) has the only finish so far and so is the class leader.

EP ~ Dale Smith is dueling fellow Kansas Region member Ronald Davis and has four wins from seven starts, some in a 240Z, some in an RX7. Davis only has four starts but won all four of them. Last race at Heartland Park, both DNFd! Cliff Koehler (KC) and Forrest Tindall (OzMt), each with three starts and one win, are tied for third place.

FP ~ Bob Eichelberger (StL) has two wins to one for Larry Graham (KC) and that is the class at the moment. Tough year for Graham, who’s had three DNFs.

GP ~ Duane Rost (DMV) is running the table in Chris Albin’s Golf, six wins already from seven starts and standing third on the Driver of the Year list. His lone loss is to ‘02 champ Chuck Leighton (OzMt), who has won twice. In third, Rocky Entriken (Sal) won the only race in which he saw the green flag with two DNS outings already.

HP ~ Tim McGinley (StL) has a pair of wins.


GT1 ~ Dan Guterman (NeOk) has run up four victories in his silver Panoz GTS, double the tally of Mary Daly (StL). Emery Emond (Neb) is only three points behind Daly after winning at Heartland.

GT2 ~ Two wins for Rick Carr (OzMt) and one for Ward Herst (StL) account for all the points so far.

GT5 ~ Denny Hayes (Neb) collected 12 points from his only start to date.


CSR ~ Be like Mike. Mike McGinley (KC) and Michael Stephens (OzMt) have each won twice. Sometime they’ve gotta race each other.

S2000 ~ Al Essig (KC) and Ed Smith (StL) have each posted one finish so far and are tied at 12 each.

SRF ~ With a dozen drivers registered, seven have been very active. Frank Stone (KC) hasn’t won any yet, but finished second five times to lead the class. Six points back is Ken Tripkos (Kan), who has won a pair. Three further down is Ron Lentz (KC), three times a winner.


FA ~ Phil Gumpert (StL) and Willard King (KC) are tied, each having scored one victory.

FC ~ More activity here. Shane Bennoch (OzMt) has three wins, Willard King (KC) has two, and Greg Scharnberg (DMV) has one.

FF ~ Ten drivers registered, but not much activity yet. Only eight finishes total. Mark Blythe (StL), the only two-time winner, has a three-point edge on Fernando Licopoli (KC), who’s won one.

CF ~ Patrick Donnelly (Kan) has eight finishes all by himself and won them all. He’s second on the Driver of the Year list.

FV ~ Neil Cox has won twice, apparently once each in two different cars.


AS ~ Surprisingly little activity. Just two finishes from the five drivers so Sam Henry (OzMt) and Mark Kutina (KC) are tied at 12 each.

SSC ~ After Jan Gerber (Neb) and Paul Sherman (Wich) each won one they met at Heartland Park where Gerber took a 3-point edge.

SM ~ Mid-Am’s biggest class with 22 drivers registered. Dick Faxon (OzMt) has won four to take a healthy 22-point lead. Two DMV drivers, Tom Kraft and Jarrod Igou, are tied for second -- Kraft with two wins and Igou with three seconds -- with a lot of activity going on in the dozen or so places behind them.


ITS ~ The top three are close -- Skip Brunson (Miss) with 39, Bob Gill (KC) with 36 and Monica Rollins (KC) with 33. Gill has three wins, Brunson and Rollins two each.

ITA ~ Scott Peterson (KC) tops the chart, four ahead of Jim Eubanks (StL) and Mark Jeffery (Ark). Just one more point back are Lynn Lamb (Okla) and Greg Mathews (KC), and then one more point to Timothy Finley (StL) who is the only one in that whole group with as many as two wins.

ITB ~ Perennial DotY leader Chris Albin (SIll) has won all 10 races. The Brothers Briggen -- Robert (StL) and Bill (SIll) -- and Tony Torres (StL) fight for the leftovers within a one-point spread.

ITC ~ Nick Chinopulos (MidS) is the only driver to win three times, but he’s only five points up on two-time winner Jeffrey Jenkins (KC). Tied for third one point behind Jenkins are Charles Guenther (KC) and Larry Orr (MidS).

ITE ~ John Waldbaum (Neb) has been busiest, winning two of five starts to go 18-up on Buddy Cisar (Neb), who might have been closer but for a DNF his last race. Three behind Cisar are three drivers -- two-time winners Jeff Demetri (Neb) and Mike McGinley (KC), plus Steve Sulatycki (KC) who won the first of his three starts.



ith six events completed, four to go, in the 2003 Midwest Division I.T. Tour, it is still a wide-open contest for five of the six championships. Memphis has completed its National/Tour season but one race remains at each of MiDiv’s other four tracks -- Mid-America, Hallett, Gateway and Heartland Park.

ITS ~ Jim Bishop (Miss) has a good lead with 34 points after winning both of the Memphis races in his Datsun 280Z. Closest on the chart are the Porsche 944s of Don Adams (MidS) and Doug Ford (MidS), but perhaps the greater potential challengers would be the three drivers who won the only races they’ve run so far -- Aaron Kelly (NeOk), Nissan; Monica Rollins (KC) and Warren Lutz (Kan) in Mazdas.

ITA ~ Paul Brown (KC) won a pair at Hallett and Mid-America in his Honda CRX and that gives him the class lead at the moment over Mark Jeffery (Ark), Mazda RX7, by a score of 31-22. Nathan Wozniak (OzMt) lurks in third in a Toyota MR2, but again the other four race winners present possible challengers. Only Jim Eubanks (StL), RX7, has a second finish so he stands fourth. With just the one start are Christopher Wiggins (MidS), RX7, Timothy Finley (StL), and David Volante (DMV), both driving a Honda CRX Si. ITB ~ This one is done. Chris Albin (SIll) has won all six in his Volkswagen Golf and has a perfect 72 points, and with just four races left the rest are racing for second place. Patrick Findley (MidS) leads that chase just ahead of the brother act of Bob Briggen (StL) and Bill Briggen (SIll) -- all three in VW GTIs.

ITC ~ Lawrence Orr (MidS), Fiat 124, won the Memorial Day Weekend at Memphis to take a 6-point lead over Nick Chinopulos (MidS), Fiat 124, who was DNF there, and Jeffrey Jenkins (KC), Ford Fiesta. Chinopulos and Jenkins have each won two and John Schultz (Kan), Fiesta, has a pair of seconds, so all four are still contenders.

ITE ~ John Waldbaum (Neb), Porsche 944, with four starts and a victory at Hallett, leads the class with 35 points. All of his closest challengers have just two starts and so have ample opportunity to catch up. Paul Greaser (KC), Dodge Viper, the most recent winner at Heartland Park, is closest at 21. Bud Brazelton (MidS), Nissan 300ZX, has 19 after winning the first Memphis but a DNF at the second one set him back. Jeff Demetri (Neb), Mustang, and Scott Orr (StL), Porsche 944, also both have wins.

SM ~ Two second-places added to his victory at Hallett have David Harber (MidS) atop Spec Miata, but only six points clear of a pair of two-time winners -- Dick Faxon (OzMt) and Don Wiseman (Neb). Jarrod Igou (DMV) won the most recent round at Heartland Park to jump into contention just another three points back. Igou is tied with Jeff Reasons, (MidS), who has a trio of third-place finishes on the board. But a class that has 25 drivers scoring points is still a free-for-all.

--Rocky Entriken


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